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Arrest Warrant Blog
Friday, 3 September 2010
Search for Public Arrest Records - It's Very Important
Topic: Arrest Warrant
Don't take chances - Background check the people around you

It's sad but true that you can never be too careful today. Whether you are looking for a handyman or a nanny for your children, or maybe you've just met your new neighbors, or you are about to go out on a date. Find out as much as you possibly can about the people you come in contact with. Searching through public arrest records can help to put your mind at ease.

Public arrest records are easier to get your hands on than you might think and they can provide you with a lot of very important information about people - including any criminal or other activity you might be interested in.

In general, there are no limits on the release of arrest records, and usually you can do whatever you want with them. Public arrest records are available to everyone.

In rare cases arrest records can be sealed in the name of the public interest or security, or when the alleged crime was committed when the subject was under the age of being considered a legal adult. This is the only time when an arrest warrant may not be available to you.

Arrest records are not proof that someone is guilty

You should note that public arrest records are just that - records of arrest. They are not conviction records so the person may be completely innocent. Arrest records just mean that the person was arrested. As always they're innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Still, arrest records can be used in a lot of situations and they can provide information that might help you in making your decisions. Background checks that includes searching public arrest records is often performed on job applicants.

Arrest records can give you clues to someone's background

If you have any rental properties and you are vetting potential tenants, you'll want to search public arrest records to see if they've been involved in any unsavory activities. It's acceptable to check out people that could affect your life - your dates, your in-laws, your neighbors, people who work in and around your home, and any new friends.

You might feel a bit odd about checking the public arrest records of your friends and neighbors, not to mention your dates but remember that these people are most likely law-abiding citizens. Wouldn't you like to know if they weren't?

Depending on what the arrest was for, your association with them may change. You can also check how long ago the arrest happened. If this person is now 50 and had a minor arrest when he was 19 then it might be safe to say that he's no longer a risk because of it.

Where to get arrest record information

Information about arrest records can be obtained from local police departments, sheriff's departments and state police departments, or other law enforcement agencies.

You can also use private companies to supply you with public arrest records and any other information regarding a person. Usually for a fee. These companies can sometimes search many databases at one time, making the arrest record search quicker and more convenient.

It's always better to be safe than sorry. Think about searching public arrest records as a small price you pay to ensure the safety of yourself, your family, your property and your business.

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Ways to check to see if someone has an arrest warrant.

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Get the data from thousands of sources, public and private, quickly and conveniently right to your screen.

Author: Steve Gee

Posted by warrant42 at 7:39 AM EDT
Tuesday, 24 August 2010
Make Use of Free Public Arrest Records That Are Accessible to Everyone
Topic: Arrest Warrant
Your neighbor, schoolteacher, doctor, or plumber - they're all people that you and your family bump into every day. Most likely, they are good people just like you are - hard working and dedicated to their family and friends. But you can't tell all that just by looking at someone or even with casual conversation. People with arrest records could be some of the people you see every day and some of them may make it into your home.

This is why it's good news that you can access arrest records online. remember that just because someone has been arrested at some time, it doesn't mean that he or she is definitely a criminal. Some people do find themselves in situations where they have been an unwitting partner of some kind of criminal activity and not been aware of it.

Some people will make a stupid mistake early in their lives and get arrested for a minor offence. They may well have learned their lesson from that experience. But an arrest record is an arrest record and you should make it your business to be aware of anyone who's been arrested for anything. Find out what the situation is and make an informed judgement about the person.

You can discover if someone you know, or that you are developing a business or personal relationship with, has an arrest record by checking them out online. Online arrest records are easy to find because arrest records are open to the public. They're available from the arresting agency, whether it is local or one with a wider reach.

Depending on just how deep you want to go, and how much time and energy you have to spend on looking up online arrest records, you can do the search yourself. Or, if you prefer, you can use an online service to do the search for you.

This is very convenient because services like this are able to search several databases at once for a number of different types of records on one person. It's really a simple matter of preference and convenience on your part, how you go about obtaining information.

Some people don't feel quite right about checking into someone else's background. But all this information is a matter of public record, it's available all of us. You have a right to know if someone who is working in our home or business, or teaching our children, has ever been arrested, don't you think so?

If you do investigate and find that someone has an arrest record, it will be up to you to decide what to do. You may choose to do nothing but at least you'll know if there is a potential problem that you need to deal with.

If you find that that the person does not have an arrest record, then you can breathe easier and sleep better at night, happy in the knowledge that the people in your life, and your family, are every bit like you - people who respect others and the law.

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Find someones arrest records using a trusted information provider.

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Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft
It’s easier than you think for a criminal to get your personal information and use it to not only obtain goods and services, but also to commit fraud and even crime. Don’t be a victim! Download this book and protect yourself – right now – Before it’s too late!

Author: Steve Gee

Posted by warrant42 at 5:01 AM EDT
Sunday, 15 August 2010
It's Simple to Find Free Public Arrest Records By State
Topic: Arrest Warrant
Don't be afraid to look up someone's free public arrest record

You likely don't spend too much of your time worrying about the arrest records of others. Why would you? most people are hard working, solid and law-abiding citizens. But when someone new comes along, or you are considering hiring someone, or becoming friends or neighbors with a stranger, it's a good idea to try and discover some things about them that they might not want to tell you - for example, have they been arrested?

Searching for free public arrest records by state can help you to find the information you need. You might get a little squeamish when it's suggested that you should check out someone's police arrest record, as if it's not your business.

But think about it - it is your business to know things about the people you associate with especially if those things might affect you. And here's the thing - arrest records are public record. That means they are available to the public, and you are a part of it.

One of the best ways to look up an arrest record is by state. If someone has lived in your state for a long time or a lifetime, it's good to check by state because you want to know at the state level what might have occurred. So before anything else, you will probably want to find arrest records by state. You can check on county and local records after that.

Contact local law enforcement

Arrest records by state can be found in a couple of differing ways. You can contact your state police department and ask how you go about obtaining an arrest record on someone. They will be able to provide you with step-by-step instructions, which will probably be fairly simple.

There may or may not be a fee for these records. Most law enforcement agencies offer public arrest information for free, but might charge a small administrative fee for printed records.

Look up arrest records online using a specialist service

Arrest records by state can also be obtained by working with a service that specializes in providing information such as arrest records, court records, inmate records and even records of property ownership on virtually everyone living in the state.

Record searching services have an advantage that you don't - they have access to databases from law enforcement and other agencies and are able to search them quickly and easily.

It's their business to do this. This means that you can hire a service to do the work for you that may take more time and energy than you have available for trying to find out if someone has an arrest record.

In this day and age, it's acceptable to want to find out if your new friend or neighbor has something to hide. If they don't - no harm done. And if they do - you can decide how to handle it in the best interest of you and your family.

Being arrested doesn't necessarily mean that someone is an awful lifetime criminal. But you need to be the judge of what you're comfortable with and what you're not. Since arrest records are freely accessible by the public, you'll want to search for arrest records by state to find out just how great your new neighbors are (and they're probably perfectly fine)!

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Author: Steve Gee

Posted by warrant42 at 5:19 PM EDT
Saturday, 14 August 2010
How to Conduct an Arrest Warrant Search
Topic: Arrest Warrant
Conducting arrest records or warrant searches can be essential

How well do you know the people around your neighborhood, or the driver of your bus, the babysitter, your financial advisor or the handyman who is repairing your boiler? You might not want to think about it but these people could have arrest records. It might be for something minor, but it might be for something that you can't imagine.

It's necessary now more than it has ever been, to perform arrest records searches to find out as much as you can about the people you and your family comes into contact with. If they have an arrest record wouldn't you want to know about it and what it's for?

An arrest warrant doesn't mean that they have a conviction

Don't forget that an arrest record isn't the same as a conviction for a crime, but even so, it's still good to know if someone has been arrested as a suspect in a crime or as someone who might have been involved in some sort of criminal activity.

It's not as hard as you think to find out if someone has an arrest warrant or record. An arrest records search is something that you can easily do by yourself, or that you can have a service do for you. Arrest records are a matter of public record so anyone has access to them and that includes you.

You can make a request at your local, county, state or other law enforcement agency for arrest records on a person. You can also do searches online to find out if someone has an arrest warrant or record.

It isn't difficult to do these, but each agency has its own system and criteria for what information you must give them and how to provide it to them so that they can do a search. You can usually find out by visiting the agency's web site.

If you do an online arrest records search, you may find a lot of interesting information, or only a little. This depends on a lot of factors, and if the person you're investigating does not have an arrest record then nothing will be found.

Use an online public records service

Another way to do it is to use the services of a company that specializes in public records searches. This could be anything from criminal records to employment records. Some services concentrate on arrest and criminal records more than other records, and others are more diversified in their database.

Whichever method you use, a service such as this has the potential to make your job a lot easier because they know where to get the records from and they can organize them in an easily searchable form. These services may be free or may be fee-based services. You get what you pay for most of the time.

The method that you use to collect information, either on your own by doing arrest records searches yourself, or getting a service do it for you is entirely up to you. The point of the exercise is to make sure that the people that you bring into your home or to have access to your private records, or to your children or your property, are not criminals and haven't been involved in any criminal activities.

Don't forget that just being arrested doesn't mean they have been convicted or locked up, but an arrest record is something you should know about. If for no other reason so that you can give the person a fair chance to explain before you end your friendship or association with him or her, based on what you find in your arrest warrant search.

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft
Download this free ebook to help you avoid getting your identity stolen and learn what to do when it happens to you.

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Don't ignore an arrest warrant because it can be much worse for you if you leave it. But how do you find out whether you have ne or not? You may have one even if you have done nothing wrong.

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Find out from a respected online service.

How To Check For Active Arrest Warrants Right Now
Don’t even think of asking a police officer if you have a warrant for arrest unless you don’t mind him arresting you on the spot. Check for arrest warrants on anyone you want the easy way.

Author: Steve Gee

Posted by warrant42 at 12:27 PM EDT
Thursday, 12 August 2010
Finding Arrest Records Public and Free to Find Peace of Mind
Topic: Arrest Warrant
Search Free Arrest Warrants at

You've met someone new, or you've just discovered that your son or daughter is getting married to someone you don't know well. Maybe you want to hire an after school sitter for your child, or you have a new renter for a property you own. These people all seem great, but you never know for sure what lies beneath the surface. It's time to check out arrest records public and free that are available to all of us.

Knowing if this new person in your life is on the up and up is important. Sad as it is, there are those who have a not so great past that might make a difference to you. Many think that it's impossible to get the low-down on others. It's not. You can find out about the arrest records of just about anyone - and they can also find out if you have an arrest record, too - for free. Click here to check warrants for arrest

An arrest record is considered public unless the court for some reason seals the record. This is uncommon. In most cases, if someone has been arrested for anything, whether it's a serious offense or one that might be viewed as less serious, the record of that arrest is open to the public.

If you know where and how to look for free public arrest records, they can be a big help to you when you're trying to make personal and business decisions. Arrest records public and free can come from a number of different sources.

First of all, your local police department can provide you with arrest records, and your county and state police organizations, as well as other law enforcement entities can too. Each law enforcement agency will have differing requirements for getting arrest records, but because these records are public, you do have access to them.

Another place to look for free public arrest records is through services that specialize in providing this kind of information to the public. You can find arrest records, court records, employment and property ownership records, among other types of information.

A company that specializes in searching for and providing this kind of information uses computer and Internet technology to search vast databases that can contain information on virtually anyone. You need only to provide some basic information so the search can begin.

Access Free Public Records And Background Checks

Basic searches are usually free. More extensive searches and reports may have a price tag attached to them, but often the basic searches provide enough insight so that you know whether you want to proceed further, or end your search for arrest records there. Depending on what you're searching for and why you're searching for it will determine how deeply you want to delve into public records.

Because the world is becoming more and more connected, people are increasingly mobile and virtually all the information about arrest records, court records and everything else is at our fingertips via computers and the internet, there is no reason that you should hesitate to seek out the arrest records public and free on anyone that you need to know more about.

How To Find Out If You Have A Warrant For Arrest

Ways to Protect from Identity Theft
Find out how to protect yourself from identity theft with this free ebook from

Posted by warrant42 at 6:18 AM EDT
Wednesday, 14 July 2010
How To Find An Arrest Warrant - Warrants Are Not A Joke
Topic: Arrest Warrant
Would you know where to look for arrest warrants

If you have a warrant for arrest you will find that it's far from an amusing situation. You will be even less happy if you didn't do anything wrong and the warrant is some kind of error. Warrants are bad news and at best they can cost you money and worst case land you in jail. So do you want to know how to find out if you have a warrant?

If you want to do something about a warrant before it turns into an even bigger problem for you than it already is then you need to know that you have one. This isn't always obvious especially if you are not guilty of the offence. There is now an easy solution to looking up warrants that you can use in a flash.

Do you know what a warrant for arrest is?

If you have an warrant for arrest then it means that the law enforcement agencies have an instruction to arrest you and take you to jail. The police can apply to a Judge for an Arrest Warrant and a court itself can give you Bench Warrants for things like failing to turn up in court etc. Both types of warrant will get you arrested unless you deal with it first so there is very little difference at the end of the day.

Who has your identity?

Getting your identity stolen is no joke either and it seems to be happening more and more. I'm guessing that the apparent explosion of identity theft is at least in part due to the increasing tendency to put everything online and so offering the thieves more opportunity to steal your details. If someone uses your stolen identity to commit a crime then you can get left with the warrant.

Beat the cops to it - find warrants first

The Internet to the rescue - Don't you just love it? You can find almost anything you want online today and arrest warrants are there too. All you need is a web site that makes it easy to search for the stuff so that you don't have to do the leg work. It works too.

Arrest warrants are just one example of the information that you can learn about someone online. There are web sites devoted to bringing all this public domain information into your home for you to search it whenever you want to and it's fully confidential.

Is there another way to check for arrest warrants

There are alternative ways to to find out if you have a warrant if you don't care to use a specialist public records database web site. I'm not sure why you would want to use them when you can just go online and do it in minutes but here they are anyway,

Just ignore it. Wait for the police to come for you. This works most of the time but the consequences of getting arrested out of the blue are not happy ones.

If you know where the warrant came from you can go and ask the courthouse. This isn't going to work if the warrant was raised in a different area.

Asking a law enforcement officer is likely to find your warrants for you if you have any but expect to get arrested on the spot.

The best way to find an warrant for arrest is to utilize a public records background web site.

How Do I Check For Active Arrest Warrants?
Check to see if you have any active arrest warrants by doing an online background check on yourself. You might be thankful that you did because it's much better to give yourself in than to get arrested.

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Use a popular online Court records web site to find your arrest warrants.

Find Your Warrants Before The Cops Come For You
How to get dragged out of bed by the police one morning because you have an active arrest warrant that you don't know about. It's a fictional story but it can happen and it might happen to you if you don't take steps to avoid it.

Warrant For Arrest - How To Check For Arrest Warrants
You could have warrants that you don't even know about.

Author: Steve Gee

Posted by warrant42 at 7:38 AM EDT
Monday, 12 July 2010
Arrest Warrants - How to Find a Warrant For Arrest Before the Cops Catch You
Mood:  cool
Topic: Arrest Warrant
Check for arrest warrants and get treated favorably by the courts

Do you want to get woken up in the middle of the night and dragged off to jail by the police? I thought not but if there's a warrant out for your arrest then this is exactly what could happen. If you want to sleep easily at night then you should learn how to check yourself out for arrest warrants. Here's how you do it.

It won't matter whether you actually committed the offence or any other crime for that matter, if you have an active arrest warrant you will be arrested and taken in to the station. To make matters worse this will all go down on your record as an involuntary arrest because the police had to come looking for you.

If you had given yourself up to the court voluntarily then you might expect everyone to be a bit nicer to you because they will see that you tried to do everything you could to cooperate with the court. But how do you know that you have a warrant?

You could get an arrest warrant anywhere and at any time

You can pick up an arrest warrant if you skip bail or fail to appear in court. If you get caught in a speed trap or commit some other traffic offence you could get a warrant without even knowing it until the police come knocking at your door. Someone might have stolen your identity and been caught robbing a bank or something. You might not find out about this until the police arrest you for it.

Are you an identity theft victim?

Identity theft is fast becoming a major problem in all parts of the world. Have you had your personal details stolen and used by someone else yet? If you haven't then I bet that you know of someone who has. Now if the thief is stopped for speeding or skips bail for an offence that might be very serious then who do you think that the cops will come looking for? Well it's your name and details that they have so it's you that they will come for.

Make yourself look good in court

Think about how different it could be in court if you were to hand yourself in before the cops come looking for you. The Judge will naturally have a more favourable opinion about you and your court experience could be a whole lot nicer. The problem is how do you know if you have a warrant for arrest issued on you in the first place? Luckily today it's not nearly as difficult as it used to be to do a background check on someone and find out if there are arrest warrants.

What's the easiest way to find warrants for arrest?

You can use a web site like the one at Court Records to find out if you have an arrest warrant. You can do it in less than 10 minutes, it's easy and completely confidential. Until recently it would have been practically impossible for you to do this type of background check search by yourself. Isn't the Internet great?

Don't put this off. Do a background check now, find out if you've got any active arrest warrants right away.

How Do I Check For Arrest Warrants?
Learn how to find active arrest warrants the easy and safe way using online resources from the comfort of your own home.

How To Find Out If You Have A Warrant For Arrest
Get arrest warrant information quickly and easily from a respected public court records web site.

Active Arrest Warrants - How Do I Discover My Warrants
This is Alex's story of how the police came for him early one morning. Alex was innocent but that didn't matter - he had a warrant and that's all that counted. Find out how you can avoid the problems that Alex had.

Search Free Arrest Warrants – How to Find Out if You Have a Warrant
Search for arrest warrants in free public records databases. Make sure you don't make the obvious mistake.

Author: Steve Gee

Posted by warrant42 at 12:15 PM EDT
How to Access Access Free Public Records Searches And Do Background Checks on People from the Internet in 2 Easy Steps
Mood:  cool
Topic: Background Checks
How to check out a new boyfriend or girlfriend

Have you noticed how many people are getting together after meeting each other on the Internet? It's getting so easy now and when you think back to just a few years ago, to how hard it used to be it's difficult to believe it. I found my partner on line and I know lots of other happy couples who have too.

Meeting strangers has always been risky because there has and always will be be a small number of people that are out to scam you or rob you or much worse.

There is a solution to this problem you'll be happy to know. Not only does the Internet make it easy for you to find as many new friends as you can handle, it also makes it incredibly simple for you to do a background check on someone and find out exactly what they are like. You can find out if they have a criminal record or arrest warrants or whether they are married or not. This is just for starters - you can find out almost anything you want about them.

Here is a 2 step strategy for you to use to background check your new friend before you get too serious.

Getting to know your boyfriend or girlfriend

It's harder to get to know someone on the Internet because you don't have face to face contact most of the time and when you do it's only on a web cam which isn't as good as a meeting in the flesh. When you can't see their body language it's harder to detect the lies.

This system is simple. Get to know your friend first by just talking and asking a lot of questions, then you find a public records web site and do a background check on them. If the background search corresponds with the answers your friend gave you then there is a good chance that they aren't lying to you.

Step 1: Extract background information from your new boyfriend or girlfriend

Don't be afraid to ask these questions. It's all part of getting to know someone and there is no reason why you shouldn't expect truthful answers unless they have something to hide. Here are some suggestions for questions:

1. Full name including any middle names if you can.
2. Home address.
3. Age and date of birth or birthday.
4. Marital status?
5. What they do for a living.
6. Any telephone numbers or cell phone numbers.

This is doing only what you would have been doing anyway right? Just make sure that you pay close attention to the answers that you get.

Step 2: Verify the details using public records and get a background check done

When you've got a good picture of your new friend you can verify the information they gave you by looking them up online. You will be amazed when you see just how much information you can find on someone by using an online public records web site and you can compare this information to what you've learned from your online chats. If it checks out then you're ok. At least your new friend isn't lying to you. That's it, it's as simple as that.

How to find out public records the easy way

It used to be very difficult to do a background check on someone because even though the information you need is publicly available, it was extremely difficult to access it all in practice. This situation has now been largely solved by **Public Records Database** web sites that gather information from thousands of online and offline sources. When you register with the web site you will have instant access to billions of records. You can find out almost anything about practically anyone you like. It's easy, fast and confidential.

Background check someone you met now

So to summarize this method: First ask your new boyfriend or girlfriend to give you some information about themselves then you do an online background check on them to verify the information that you have. If it all matches then you know that they are telling the truth. If there is a conflict then walk away, there are many more fish in the sea.

Inteligator Review - Free Public Records Access
Do background checks using free public records. See how much fun you can have.

How To Find Out If Someone Is Married or Not
Check to see if your new friend is married or not.

How To Find Out If You Have A Warrant For Arrest
A popular web site for doing background checks and finding arrest warrants.

Absolutely Free Background Checks With Public Records
Have Fun Finding Free Information on People and make sure you do a background check on your new friend now.

Author: Steve Gee

Posted by warrant42 at 12:10 PM EDT
How Do I Find Out If Someone is Married? 4 Simple Ways To Learn Their Married Status
Mood:  cool
How to find out if your boyfriend is married or your girlfriend has a husband

New love can burn so brightly that it blinds you to all but what you want to see. Have you stopped to consider that your new boyfriend or girlfriend might have a spouse at home already? I bet you haven't and why should you suspect anything? I mean he's charming, good looking and really turns you on right. Well I guess that you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't have even a little doubt about your new lover so how can you find out the truth?

1: Ask his friends if he's married

Ok this is an obvious thing to do but many people overlook it. If you know any of his friends then get to know them a bit better and ask them about your boyfriend. Usually they will be only too pleased to tell you all about him, the bad as well as the good so it can be an invaluable source of information. Most people will warn you if there's anything that you should be concerned about so if they are married, or are already in a relationship, then there is a good chance that they will tell you.

If you find that the friends are less than talkative and avoid your questions then you should start worrying. The person you are talking to may know something that they feel you ought to know but they don't want to be the one to tell you. They might give you a hint, a little warning like "be careful" or "I don't want you to get hurt". This should start alarm bells ringing right away and you should be looking for other ways to find out if he's married.

2: Ask your boyfriend or girlfriend if they're married

This sounds even more obvious than asking his friends doesn't it? But you assume that he's not married don't you? If he's married what is he doing going out with you? A good question so ask it. Be direct and come straight out with it to give yourself the element of surprise.

Now he's going to say "no of course I'm not married" whether he is or not so you must pay close attention to the way he says it. If he looks uneasy and avoids making eye contact with you when he answers then he could be lying to you. If this happens then ask "are you sure you're not married". If he starts to sweat or gets annoyed then that too can be a sign that all is not as it appears.

3: Do a lie detector test on him

No I don't mean that you should strap him up to a polygraph or anything like that. There is an easier and altogether more relaxing way do do it. All you have to do is talk to him a lot and ask him a lot of questions. You do this anyway right so it's no big deal.

The trick to detecting lies is to really listen to the answers that he gives you. If today he tells you he's an airline pilot but last week he told you that he was scared of heights and that he has poor eyesight then this might just be a lie. If he tells you that he's a doctor but you can't figure out when he actually studied and worked as one then this could also be a lie.

Look for inconsistencies in the things that he tells you. Remember it only takes one lie to make him a liar. If you can find just one thing that you know is definitely a lie then how can you trust anything else he's told you?

4: Do an online background check on your boyfriend to find out if he's married

When you've found out all you can about your boyfriend or girlfriend by talking to him or his friends you can do an online background check on him to find out not only whether he's married or not but also whether he has a criminal record, whether he has arrest warrants or has ever been declared bankrupt. In fact you can often find out practically anything you might want to know and if it all matches with what he's telling you then you can put your mind to rest and take your relationship to wherever you want it to go. If it doesn't then walk away.

How Do I Find Out If Someone Is Married
Find out if someone is married by doing a public records background check on them.

Signs That He is Married
10 signs that a man is married. Learn to spot the tell tale signs that someone is married.

Active Arrest Warrants - Why are People so Interested in Warrants?
If you are dating someone then you need to know a lot more about them than just whether they are married or not. What if they have a criminal record or have active arrest warrants? Don't you think that you should find out before you go too far?

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Review of a popular public records background checking web site where all your searches are free. Author: Steve Gee

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How To Find Someone's Birthday Without Any Embarrassment
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You often can't find someone's birthday by asking them

There's only one thing that people hate more than growing old and that's letting other people know that they're getting older. People often lie about their age so that they can give the impression of being younger than they really are.

Of course if you are very young it's more common for you to try and give the impression that you're older and more mature than you really are. This is another reason why you might lie about your age. There's probably an optimum age when you don't mind telling your real age but I think most people race through this period very quickly.

So if you want to send someone a birthday gift or you need to know their true age for some reason how do you find out what it is without causing embarrassment?

Be very discreet when trying to find out someone's date of birth

Often people don't want you to know how old they are because they take pride in their youthful looks and outlook. They might even lie about their age to add to the illusion. In fact lying about your age must be one of the most common 'white lies' there is. It might even be the most common lie that anyone makes. You can't just walk up to someone and ask, "How old are you?" because you can potentially cause a lot of embarrassment and you can't rely on getting a truthful answer in any case.

You have to be discrete if you want to find someone's birthday. You need to find a way to look up their birth record without letting them know that you're doing it. You can't ask them directly and you can't ask their friends either. Friends might feel that they're betraying a trust or they might not know the true age of the person anyway. Luckily there is a way to do this using the Internet. See below.

Is there anyone you could ask about this persons date of birth?

You might be able to ask close friends or relatives of the person but I think that you need to know them very well before you do. You could look up their birth records if you knew where to go to find it but that seems like a lot of hard work to me.

If you are close to friends or relatives of the person then they might be prepared to give you the information that you are looking for but they might not even know the answers. They might think that they know their age but they are way off without knowing it.

How to find someone's date of birth quick, easy and discrete

Vast amounts of information about us all including your date of birth are now stored in databases much of which are available to you to access if you only knew which database you needed and where to go to find it. The problem is knowing how to do the searches and having the time to do it.

Don't worry because help is at hand. It's now possible to access hundreds or thousands of databases consisting of literally billions of records about you and almost anyone you can think of. You can do all of this by using a single website which makes the whole process much more attractive.

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